Tableau - Advanced

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

9AM - 5PM

This instructor-led in-depth session is aimed at those who have taken the intermediate class or have 6-12 months of solid Tableau experience and are looking for more advanced ways to analyze and visualize data including advanced development techniques for interactive dashboards.

Coures Ojectives:

After completing this course, students will have skills to:

  • better prepare, analyze and visualize data in Tableau
  • deliver advanced visualizations while following best practices
  • build advanced interactive dashboards in Tableau

Delivery Mehtod:
Instructor led
Classroom Training - 1 Day


Intended Audience
If you have enjoyed analyzing and visualizing data in Tableau but find yourself wanting more, this course is for you.  You may be a great analyst, SQL and spreadsheet wizard, but if you want to pack more of those skills into your Tableau work, this course will enable you to leverage the “hidden gems” and advanced options in Tableau. By learning more of Tableau’s power than you’ve seen before and doing so within the guidelines of data visualization best practices, this course will add great value to your projects & career.

This course is for anyone from recently graduated students to seasoned professionals, business / marketing analysts and journalists to engineers / IT pros who are seeking to ramp-up an in-demand skill. Also, if you are seeking Tableau certification, this course will aid in your final preparation.

Class Information
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