Registrar of Voters: Re-Certification Program

Re-Certification prerequisites:

  • Registrar, Deputy or Permanent Assistant.
  • Certified Elections Moderator.
  • Attended 6 or more SOTS Conferences in 4 years.
  • Successfully completed the Registrar of Voter's certification, 8 section courses and final exam.

Re-Certification requirements:

  • Must take at least 8 hours of re-certification training one year from the certification final exam.
  • Must be re-certified every year. Please refer to the Act below.

" The act requires registrars to complete at least eight hours of training per year to maintain their certification. The secretary of the state must prescribe the training, and either she or a third party she approves must conduct it. The secretary must direct a registrar who fails to fulfill the annual training requirement to “take remedial measures,” which she must prescribe" (An Act Strengthening The State's Elections, 2015,  §§ 1 & 2 — Training and Certification).


Approved  Courses:

- Microsoft Office Essentials and Office Productivity

- Using Your Election Resources: How to Find the Information You Need