Section 6 - Avery Point

 Absentee Voting & Supervised Absentee Voting 

Unit 6 will focus on absentee voting and supervised absentee voting, including the election-day counting procedures and documentation of results and the differences with respect to centralized counting and district counting. The transfer of absentee ballots from the municipal clerk to the registrar and necessary documentation and the counting of election-day registration ballots will also be discussed. With respect to supervised absentee voting the differences between mandatory and requested supervised absentee voting will be reviewed, the types of facilities covered, as well as the responsibilities of the facility administrators, registrars’ of voters and municipal clerks will be discussed. Elector rights and the differences between supervised absentee balloting in primaries as compared to elections will be reviewed. 


Delivery Method:
Instructor led, classroom training- 2 hours


Location: Avery Point, Community Professional Building
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Change of Location: Effective Janurary 2017, all classes at the Avery Point campus will be held at the Academic building. Please be advised that this building is ADA compliant.


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