Section 7 - Waterbury

Post-Election Audits and Re-canvasses

This unit will discuss post-election audits and audit procedures, including a review of the Connecticut Secretary of the State guidelines, tips for registrars from ROVAC, optional methods for hand=counting in teams, documentation and citizen observers. Recanvass procedures will also be reviewed, including general chain of custody and counting principles, types of recanvasses, recanvass officials, notice of recanvass and content of the notice, recanvass of voting machines, absentee ballots, and write-in ballots, counting procedures of machine process versus hand counted ballots, and the filing of return to the Secretary of the State and the municipal clerk. Resources and suggested forms for recanvassing a primary, election and referenda will also be reviewed.


Delivery Method:
Instructor led, classroom training- 4 hours


Location: Waterbury
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