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MSBAPM Program Coming to Stamford

The rapidly growing and immensely popular master’s degree in business analytics and project management (MSBAPM), currently offered exclusively in Hartford, will soon be added to UConn Stamford’s curriculum. 

“The masters in business analytics and project management, now celebrating its fifth anniversary, has been a resounding success,” said Professor Ram Gopal, department head. “The program is highly ranked, attracts a strong pool of applicants, and is extremely well regarded by our corporate partners.”

“We have received strong recommendations from companies, alumni, and potential students urging us to expand the program to the Stamford campus,” he said. “Stamford and greater Fairfield County have a significant need for ‘analytics talent’ and are eager for UConn to recruit, train, and provide the professionals to meet their demands.”

The first Stamford classes will begin in Fall 2017 with 40 students, and an additional 20 will be added in Spring 2018. The flexible program, allowing students to attend full- or part-time, has very high academic standards, said Meghan Hanrahan, associate director. Applicants with previous work experience are preferred.

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