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UConn Adopts Bold Academic Vision

April 23, 2014 By: Stephanie Reitz

The University has adopted a wide-ranging new academic vision to shape its efforts in the coming decade to become a national leader in breakthrough research, innovative undergraduate and graduate education, service, and public engagement.

UConn’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt the new academic vision, “Creating Our Future: UConn’s Path to Excellence,” which reflects specific and broad-ranging goals in each area to achieve excellence in all aspects of its mission.

“The University of Connecticut, at this transformational time in its history, aspires to join the ranks of the greatest universities in the world while simultaneously serving our region and our nation,” the vision’s introduction reads. “We have the talent, perspective, and confidence to create a better future by becoming a more powerful research university that produces a rich flow of ideas, sparks invention and innovation, and improves the quality of life for all people.”

The vision, which has been in development by a group of faculty from across the University for more than a year, identifies specific strategic initiatives as a basis for making informed decisions on recruiting talented faculty and students, organizing academics, investing in facilities, collaborating with external partners, and other actions.

The academic vision includes expanding educational opportunities, research, and innovation in diverse fields of study with an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines over the next decade, while also highlighting the importance of the arts and humanities. It also continues and increases UConn’s commitment to using its resources for statewide and national economic development by helping build a skilled workforce, create jobs, and start and attract companies.

“This is more than a to-do list or a series of statistical benchmarks we want to meet. It is a bold new effort that is guided by a singular vision to achieve excellence in all aspects of our mission as a university: research, education, service, and engagement,” President Susan Herbst told trustees this spring. “This plan, for the first time, focuses on excellence in graduate education and research, as well as maintaining excellence in undergraduate education, pursuing even higher levels of public engagement, and increasing teaching effectiveness – all in all, a comprehensive blueprint for excellence over the next decade.”

The full document, available online, comes after extensive work over the past year by the University Academic Vision Committee. That group researched plans at other flagship institutions, worked with UConn experts to highlight areas of strength and promise, and led public forums and other opportunities for input.

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