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Blockchain - Understanding Use Cases

This course has been designed for business executives looking to understand how blockchains are being used to improve efficiency and improve business outcomes. The course will focus on several use cases and examine projects that have moved from proof of concept into implementation.

This course will examine blockchain use cases in several industries, the types of blockchains in use, the role of industry consortia, and criteria for success in early blockchain projects.

Blockchains are implemented using distributed ledger technology. Popularized by the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, they have become a source of technological innovation on a global scale. Blockchains are being used to gain process efficiencies, reduce costs, improve auditability, and automate labor intensive tasks. Their unique properties allow many sources of value to be exchanged without the need for 3rd party intermediaries. 

This course is designed to advance executive understanding of blockchains, assist in moving beyond general knowledge of the topic, to identifying potential use cases, understanding the role of industry consortia in the formation of blockchain networks, and identifying keys for success.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course participants will:

  • Learn how blockchains can/are being used to solve a variety of business challenges
  • Learn about blockchain technologies used in private (corporate) implementations
  • Have the ability to begin identifying potential blockchain use cases for their company
  • Become familiar with how public blockchains differ from private blockchains
  • Understand established (and emerging) industry consortia working to build blockchain industry solutions

Delivery Method
In-person, interactive classroom setting

Intended Audience

  • Corporate executives from the C-suite or line of business responsible for improving business functions and identifying technologies that can enhance business results
  • Senior IT staff who have a basic understanding of blockchains and want to learn more about their business value
  • Corporate strategy professionals looking to understand the role of blockchains and their potential impact on strategy