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20483 Programming in C#

Note: This course is being retired by Microsoft on December 31, 2021.

This training course teaches developers the programming skills that are required for developers to create Windows applications using the C# language.


Course Objectives:
After completing this course, students will be able to: 
• Describe the core syntax and features of C#. 
• Create and call methods, catch and handle exceptions, and describe the monitoring requirements of large-scale applications. 
• Implement the basic structure and essential elements of a typical desktop application. 
• Create classes, define and implement interfaces, and create and use generic collections. 
• Use inheritance to create a class hierarchy, extend a .NET Framework class, and create generic classes and methods. 
• Read and write data by using file input/output and streams, and serialize and deserialize data in different formats. 
• Create and use an entity data model for accessing a database and use LINQ to query and update data. 
• Use the types in the System.Net namespace and WCF Data Services to access and query remote data. 
• Build a graphical user interface by using XAML. 
• Improve the throughput and response time of applications by using tasks and asynchronous operations. 
• Integrate unmanaged libraries and dynamic components into a C# application. 
• Examine the metadata of types by using reflection, create and use custom attributes, generate code at runtime, and manage assembly versions. 
• Encrypt and decrypt data by using symmetric and asymmetric encryption.


Delivery Method:

Virtual Instructor Led Training


Intended Audience: 
This course is intended for experienced developers who already have programming experience in C, C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, Microsoft Visual Basic®, or Java and understand the concepts of object-oriented programming. This course is not designed for students who are new to programming; it is targeted at professional developers with at least one month of experience programming in an object-oriented environment.

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