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Angular 6 Essentials

Course Objective: 
Working within in an engaging, hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees 

You will learn: 
• What Angular is and why should you use it
• How Angular reduces the amount of code that you must write to add rich functionality to both existing and new web pages 
• What TypeScript is, why it is useful, and how to use it with Angular 
• How to facilitate development and deployment using Angular CLI • How to work with the various aspects of the Angular architecture to implement clean, responsive web interfaces 
• How Routers can support navigation within a Single Page Application
 • What the best practices are for using Angular so that it works unobtrusively and performs well 
• Working with the Ahead of Time compiler including its impact of developers and the development process 
• How to facilitate testing and running Angular applications using various tools and techniques 
• How to use Angular with HTTP to support JSON, REST, and other services

Delivery Method:

On-Line Live Classroom (OLL) - 3 Days

This course requires a desktop/laptop set up. A dual monitor display is recommended for an enhanced learning experience. 

Classes can be done at UConn CITI's Stamford campus or remotely.

Intended Audience:
Experienced web developers with prior HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript experience

If no course dates are listed, please contact us for more information

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