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Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

In this course, students will establish processes to ensure that information security measures align with established business needs.

ETPL# 10130

Course Objectives

  • Establish and maintain a framework to provide assurance that information security strategies are aligned with business objectives and consistent with applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Identify and manage information security risks to achieve business objectives. 
  • Create a program to implement the information security strategy. 
  • Implement an information security program. 
  • Oversee and direct information security activities to execute the information security program. 
  • Plan, develop, and manage capabilities to detect, respond to, and recover from information security incidents.

Delivery Method: 

On-Line Live Classroom (OLL) - 3 Days

This course requires a desktop/laptop set up. A dual monitor display is recommended for an enhanced learning experience. 

Classes can be done at UConn CITI's Stamford campus or remotely.

Intended Audience: 
The intended audience for this course is information security and IT professionals, such as network administrators and engineers, IT managers, and IT auditors, and other individuals who want to learn more about information security, who are interested in learning in-depth information about information security management, who are looking for career advancement in IT security, or who are interested in earning the CISM certification.

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