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Oracle Database 12c - SQL Fundamentals

Course Overview

This course takes a unique approach to SQL training in that it incorporates data modeling theory, relational database theory, graphical depictions of theoretical concepts and numerous examples of actual SQL syntax into one learning vehicle.

Course Objectives

  • The first portion of this textbook considers the logical models upon which a relational database is based and the various configurations and environments in which you may work with the Oracle database.
  • The next segment focuses on the actual SQL syntax for writing database queries. You will begin with the simplest of queries and then proceed onto moderately complex query scenarios.
  • Finally, this textbook covers the DDL, DML and transaction control portions of the SQL language that allow one to create, maintain and manipulate application database objects and application data.


Delivery Method:

On-Line Live classroom (OLL) - 5 Day

This course requires a desktop/laptop set up. A dual monitor display is recommended for an enhanced learning experience. 

Intended Audience:

The target audience is all Oracle professionals, both business and systems professionals. Among the specific groups for whom this textbook will be helpful are:  Business and non-IT professionals, Application designers and database developers, Business Intelligence (BI) analysts and consumers, Database administrators, Web server administrators

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