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Adobe Captivate 2019 - Beyond The Essentials

Course Overview

A course that teaches the higher-end, more advanced functionality of Adobe Captivate 2019.

Course Objectives

  • You will learn advanced Adobe Captivate concepts.
  • You will learn to create highly interactive software simulation and to control the text that appears in the recording’s text captions by editing Captivates text capture templates.
  • You will create responsive lessons (using Fluid Boxes and Breakpoints) that automatically reflow to fit just about any kind of display including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Learn new features that Captivate now supports; such as, Virtual Reality with 360-degree images and videos along with interactive videos.
  • Fine-tune your Captivate production skills by leveraging object styles, master slides, themes, and advanced actions.
  • Engage your learners by adding variables, widgets, and learner interactions (including drag and drop) to your eLearning.
  • Learn to create object styles, apply them globally, and import and export them. Knock large projects down to size by learning to create branch groups.
  • Create branching scenarios that allow learners to plot their own path through your course.
  • You will also learn to create templates.
  • Ensure your eLearning can be used by people with disabilities by adding such 508-compliant features as accessibility text, keyboard shortcuts, and closed captions.
  • Enable Captivates reporting features and, along the way, learn about Learning Management Systems, SCORM, SCOs, Manifests, and content packages.

Delivery Method:

Virtual Instructor Led Training

This course requires a desktop/laptop set up. A dual monitor display is recommended for an enhanced learning experience.

Class Information
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