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Certification Exam

Registrar of Voters Certification Exam 

This exam is 2 hours long and is open book. You may use your class handouts. For your convenience, we have posted all of the course materials on our website. The exam is 50 questions, which are a mix of true or false and multiple choice. Passing grade is 70% or better.

Exam Duration: 2 Hours

Exam Location: Online

Exam Details:

  1. The exam is based on an online platform to be taken from home.
  2. Please register for the exam using the below link. ( Please ignore the date in the below registration link )
  3. The official exam will be sent to you within 2 business days of registering for the exam. Please note that the exam link will be valid for 24 hours receipt.
  4. Please correctly enter your name, email address and municipality details when you click on the exam link. These details will be used to provide the test results of the exam.
  5. Each question is mandatory. Please note that you will be unable to submit the exam without attempting every question.
  6. Since the exam is take from home, you are free to take the exam at any time of the day.
  7. The official duration of the exam is 2 hours. Hence, we request you to please time yourself at the beginning of the exam and submit it within 2 hours of starting the exam.  


Additional Notes - Please Read Below

  • All certification courses must be paid for prior to sitting for the exam.  Do not register for the exam if your account balance is not current. Please contact the CITI office at 203-951-9516 to verify your account balance.
  • In order to sit for the exam, you must have successfully completed the 8 certification courses and associated quizzes. No Exceptions.
  • Please write to with any questions regarding the certification exam.
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Certification Exam
Certification Exam
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