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Selected Topics in Election Procedures

This course covers several areas of election procedures and election laws in greater detail than the initial certification classes.  It is an excellent supplement the basic certification program with current updates on issues that may be more complex to those Registrars who need a refresher. Intended to provide Registrars with the insight to topics which often generate questions or complaints to the Secretary of State’s office or the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Course Content:

Voter Identification Requirements

  • Acceptable/ unacceptable forms of identification for electors with/ without HAVA notations.

Supervised Absentee Balloting

  • Legal and practical considerations
  • Registrars’ determination of elector’s unwillingness or inability to vote.

Polling Location Management

  • What is or is not permitted within the 75’ buffer

Minority Representation

  • Provisions of various types of agencies
  • The interplay of various statutes

Eligibility of “Voters” to Participate in Municipal Referenda

  • Participation in referenda
  • "Voter" eligibility requirements 

Intended Audience:

Registrars of Voters who have received their initial certification and are seeking re-certification.

Delivery Method

Instructor led with structured hands-on activities, 3 Instructional Hours - UConn Hartford Campus and Stamford for remote learning

Course Materials (Click on the item below). Please download and/or print copy of course materials. Course handouts will not be available in class. 

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