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Facility Leasing

CITI’s five cutting edge learning labs are available for private leasing. Featuring over 100 workstations ranging from 8 to 36 per lab and outfitted with state of the art operating systems, top of the line hardware specs, swappable hard drives, and plug and play functionality. Our technical team is on site to provide seamless set-up of proprietary software, usability testing, ghosting, stress testing and to assist your instructor and clients.

See our photo gallery for photos of our labs. 

Lab # 1.39 is our premiere lab space. Designed for groups with up to 36 workstations. Dual laser projectors that require no wait time to turn on. Fully equipped with video conferencing and extended display capabilities; this is the ultimate resource in teaching versatility. Bring your own laptop or use one of our robust workstations. There’s an office and lounge area, which is perfect for a snack time break. This lab is perfect for large training environments.

Lab# 1.41 is our most intimate space. Designed for groups of 8 or less, this lab is perfect for small group teaching. Equipped with a whiteboard, easel and 1080P projector, this lab is perfect for application and programming training. The lab is located next to 1.39 and can also be used for a breakout session or command center.

Lab# 2.54 is our most versatile classroom. Designed for up to 16 people, this room features a rare 70" SMART board giving the instructor full ability to annotate right on top of the screen. Whether it's a workshop on drawing or data modeling, this is your one stop resource to conference and collaborate with style. The instructor workstation, camera, wireless conferencing and whiteboard space are perfect for medium sized meetings.

Lab# 2.55 is our traditional workstation classroom. Designed for up to 25 people, it's a work horse for your "no frills" classroom needs. Equipped with 3 whiteboards and a 1080P projector, this room is perfect for any computer based training.

Lab# 2.56 is our traditioanl workstation classroom and design for up to 17 people. This lab is perfect for medium sized teams.

Preview our photo gallery for images of our labs. 

Contact us if you need a training lab or an instructor.It's our pleasure to share our wonderful learning environment. For more information regarding the availability and capabilities of CITI’s labs, please email us.